Visualization Meditation on Steroids: Mind Movies Review

I’ve been testing the new Mind Movies 2.0 and am convinced that this simple-to-use software outperforms everything else when it comes to amping up the energy behind your visualization meditation to help manifest your desires at record speed.

What are Mind Movies?

They are the twenty-first century version of treasure maps and vision boards. You remember those visualization aids, where you would cut out pictures of things you desire from magazines and paste them on construction paper along with handwritten positive affirmations? Then you meditated on those images in hopes that they would manifest in your personal reality.

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Did you get the results you wanted with treasure maps and vision boards? If so, congratulations. If not, it’s probably because they didn’t elicit the necessary emotional charge which propels visions into physical reality. When you feel strong positive emotion while you are engaged in visualization meditation, it activates the law of attraction and empowers your dreams to manifest.

Unfortunately, contemplating a board filled with pictures and affirmations can become boring after the novelty wears off. As a result, you’re not encouraged to stick with it. And even if you do, the images on your board may not  translate into changes in your physical world because  they don’t trigger the requisite emotional intensity.

But with Mind Movies 2.0, instead of a static board, you have a full-on movie replete with rousing music, affirmations and images. With the push of a few buttons, you can create your own personal two or three minute movie featuring your dreams come true. You then watch this movie twice per day, morning and night. That’s all there is to it.

With consistency and repetition, the images in your movies can gradually become your actual physical reality. This happens because you are revving up your visualization meditation by inserting positive images and words into your subconscious mind while raising your vibration to resonate with the new desired reality — a winning combination!

Is it hard to make a mind movie?

I was concerned that this new version of Mind Movies would be technically difficult or time-consuming to learn because I’m not very technically talented and I know many of you aren’t either. But they really outdid themselves in revising the software to be so simple a child could make a movie! I mean this with all sincerity, it is push button easy. If you can use an ATM machine, you can make a mind movie and complete it in just a few minutes. Every imaginable type of image, affirmation and music track is available for you to select with a few clicks — or you can add your own.

How many mind movies can I make?

There are no limits to how many mind movies you can make with this kit. Just think — every time you have an important goal you can design a mind movie specifically for that goal and give your visualization meditation a massive boost. For goal achievement, this is truly an unequalled technique that supports the realization of your every dream and every goal.

I watch my mind movie daily and I suggest you do too. It will energize, inspire, motivate and excite you. These are the emotions that activate the law of attraction to deliver the life of your dreams.

What’s the downside?

The only downside I can see is that you may assume that the mind movie will make your dreams come true instead of your actions.

Let me be crystal clear here. Your actions determine your life, not a movie. Mind Movies 2.0 can give you the right mindset for the achievement of your goals. If you watch it daily, consistently, it can keep you motivated, focused and excited about your goals, and it can stimulate the power of your subconscious mind to align with those goals to attract them into your personal reality.

Will it work for me?

You tap into an unbeatable force when you combine a powerful visualization meditation — watching your mind movie – with taking action based on the motivation and inspiration that you will surely feel. This motivation and inspiration is the mind movie doing its magic behind the scenes in your subconscious mind. With repeated viewing over time, this positive energy filters up from your subconscious to your conscious mind where ideas and opportunities appear. Take action on these ideas and opportunities and you can be the lead actor in the life of your dreams faster than you ever imagined possible!

Click here to visit the Official Site for Mind Movies 2.0!

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