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Visualization Meditation For Manifesting: “Vision Board Success” Review

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Vision Board SuccessI’m always looking for great visualization meditation tools for my readers and have recently run across success coach Leila Broughton’s excellent ebook, “Vision Board Success: How To Make A Vision Board And Apply The Law Of Attraction And The Law Of Success To Getting Everything You Want With Vision Boards!“ For those of you who may not know, a vision board is a visual depiction of your goal consisting of a collage of images and words that are attached to a poster board or other surface and which you meditate on daily to speed manifestation of your goal. As such, vision boards qualify as a powerful visualization meditation tool for manifesting, and I’ve been using them with great results for years.

Based on Broughton’s popular Vision Board Seminars, her ebook, ”Vision Board Success,”  is an expert’s finely-tuned instruction manual for making great vision boards. For those who love a juicy read, beware — it is absent of fluff and consists solely of meat, as it were. If you’re looking for a specific, focused and concise technique for getting your vision boards up and running, as well as a powerful visualization meditation tool for manifesting, this is the book for you.

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Broughton takes you through the essentials of creating a powerful vision board in six chapters. Beginning with an overview preface and an introduction to vision boards, the book continues with chapters on the 3 scientific laws of manifesting with vision boards; the pitfalls of using a vision board casually or for a negative purpose; the art of goal setting; the necessary preparations for construction of your vision board; the actual technique of building your vision board; and finally, how to use your vision board for success. The book further instructs on how to make a vision board with your family for a common goal, and ends with an about the author section.

In my opinion, Leila Broughton leaves nothing out in presenting this powerful visualization meditation method for manifesting goals. I have read several other, bigger books on vision boards and have come away with far less. If you want to get it right the first time and make powerful vision boards that help you manifest your dreams, I recommend Broughton’s book.

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