The Power of Subliminal Software

One of the most effective ways to access your power of subconscious is through the use of subliminals and subliminal software. What are subliminals? They are carefully crafted phrases, words or statements that are designed to impress a belief in the mind of the viewer. A subliminal is typically flashed on a screen quickly and repeatedly, so quickly in fact, that the viewer usually does not know they have seen it. Alternatively, they may be spoken words played at an inaudible level in the background of music or on another type of audio track. Either way, the subliminal enters the subconscious mind directly without the risk of being filtered or blocked by the conscious mind. 


With direct access to the subconscious, the subliminal takes root as a new idea held in the mind. With repetition it becomes an entrenched belief. Since unconsciously held beliefs direct our thoughts, feelings and actions, subliminals have the power to literally reshape our external reality. Click here now to try subliminal software for yourself!


There has been much debate in the scientific community as to whether subliminals actually work. A great deal of research has been conducted on subliminals around the world. The data confirms that subliminals do alter human perception and human behavior. As a result, many department stores use subliminals on their music soundtracks to prevent shoplifting and claim anywhere from a 20% to an 87% reduction in theft. In the 1950′s, “eat popcorn” and “drink coca cola” subliminals were secretly used on movie screens to increase the sale of popcorn and coca-cola by more than 50%, as were “buy toy” subliminals on television screens, until the practice was outlawed.


Because of its extraordinary power to change human behavior, subliminals are available to the public for personal use in the form of subliminal audios, subliminal videos and subliminal software. One of the most popular uses of subliminals is on your own computer screen, flashing in the background while you work or surf the net. A simple-to-use software handles everything behind the scenes, flashing the selected phrases thousands of times per day. Imagine how quickly and efficiently you can program yourself with a new belief in this way without any conscious effort on your part. It is a completely passive method of personal transformation and something that is worthwhile to explore.


I myself have subliminal software on my computer which I run continuously, varying from week to week the focus of the subliminals. They have helped me to lose weight, remember my dreams, learn internet technology and better organize my desk among other things. What I love about subliminal software is that it is easy to use and completely customizable. You can run the pre-loaded affirmation programs that come with your software or you can write your own affirmations and create new beliefs about anything at all. Remember, a new belief when fully entrenched automatically results in new behavior without any effort on your part.


Using subliminal software is definitely one of my success secrets and one of the easiest and most powerful ways to access the power of your subconscious mind. It can erase negative subconscious beliefs that cause bad habits, procrastination and failure and replace them with positive subconscious beliefs that result in can-do attitudes, healthy habits and successful outcomes. It is well worth a try.

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