Subconscious Mind Power – How to Automatically Manifest Your Dreams

When your practice is simply to access your subconscious mind power and stay in alignment with Source Mind you experience your reality closer to the way Source does. You understand the reasons for the reality you are experiencing according to the purposes of Source and you do not need to “manifest” anything via the ‘temporal you’ in the story. By perceiving your reality from the frequency of Source Mind and in the flow of that intelligence, everything you do is different and better than what you did before; your story is playing out in a higher frequency.

Imagine a television set where the same show is being broadcast on 500 channels. Each channel from one to five hundred represents an incremental increase of vibrational frequency, each of which reflects the lead character in a somewhat different story. They are the same character, but their perceptions, choices and actions vary according to their frequency, as do the events and experiences that occur in their lives. Therefore, different outcomes are experienced.

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The life of your dreams is simply your life in a higher frequency. Any degree higher than where you are now is the life of your dreams, as it means a more fulfilling and joyful life. Your actions in that life bring forth a flow of events in harmony with that frequency; it is a higher order of experience because it is a higher frequency and has been generated automatically through your subconscious mind power in alignment with Source.

Why is manifesting an obsolete concept? Because when you align with Source Mind and raise your frequency, you automatically ‘flip channels’ and thereby have a new experience. You attract more of the unlimited potential of your consciousness. It becomes obvious that your only job is to stay aligned with Source Mind. You are not seeking to manifest specific experiences, you are seeking the flow of oneness with Source Mind which is the exalted level of your being. From there, outer events naturally alter in the direction desired by Source Mind, which is a flow into greater joy, light, abundance, intelligence, creativity and love.

So when seeking to end a problem, instead of trying to manifest its opposite, look within and remind yourself of the truth of your being — you are an expression of Source in a temporal experience. Source designed everything about you and everything about your experience from the highest frequencies of Source Consciousness. However, you, as a temporal creation, cannot function at the highest Source frequencies without being ‘fried’ by the vibration. You are designed to inhabit a certain vibrational bandwidth by your Source creator. Like any bandwidth, yours has a lower range and an upper range.

Your alignment with Source through subconscious mind power aligns your vibration with the upper range of your bandwidth which allows an experience embodying a greater degree of freedom. A higher vibration increases your perceived degrees of freedom. This alone represents a more desirable reality, whereas the lower frequencies result in a reality with a greater sense of limitation. The more dense the vibration, the more limitation perceived.

This does not mean that a higher vibrational frequency removes your problems. Problems continue unabated throughout your journey. It is how you react to your problems, how you view what is happening to you that increases or reduces the sting of undesired experiences and your effectiveness in dealing with them. A higher vibration is representative of using your subconscious mind power for a more expanded perspective on events and therefore a more peaceful and effective response to experiences, good or bad.

Your higher vibration functions automatically via the Law of Attraction to bring into your life that which matches your predominant vibration. I hope this helps you understand why the attempt to manifest reality from within the story is like a character in a novel trying to hijack control of the story from the author. How likely is that character to succeed? That is also true for you, which explains why so much of what you attempt to manifest does not show up. But when you focus on raising your vibration through your subconscious mind power, you instantly change the channel on your television set and your story changes all by itself.

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