Self Help Program for Success

Following a daily self help program is the perfect way to accelerate your personal growth and success. The power of a positive daily routine should not be underestimated in helping you to achieve your goals and dreams.

What follows are my personal tips for a self help program that will put you on the fast track to success and fulfillment.

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There is no single practice in your self help program that is more important than meditation. Not only is meditation a powerful contributor to health, it is also an invaluable success technique.

Among its dozens of health benefits, meditation has been proven to reduce heart rate, regulate digestion, lower blood pressure, improve quality of sleep and increase immune response. Meditation is also a proven stress reducer that tends to erase worry and anxiety from your mind and helps you think more clearly and effectively.

While you are meditating, your brain waves slow down, which raises your vibrational frequency and aligns you with a higher state of consciousness. From this state of higher awareness, spirituality, creativity and problem-solving are enhanced.

Now that you know the many ways meditation can help in your quest for personal growth and success, make it the first thing you do each day.

The second most important addition to an effective self help program is morning exercise. Exercising in the morning balances and raises your energy and prepares your body for the day ahead. A higher energy level means a higher vibrational frequency which is synonymous with a better day.  

The best exercise for morning is meditative in nature, involving gentle movements and stretching. Some good examples of this are yoga and Tai Chi. But if that’s not for you, then do whatever form of exercise you enjoy, whatever raises your energy and spirits and makes you feel good. 

A self help program for success must include a list of your one year goals. Take some quiet time to determine your one year goals and write them down on a piece of paper. You’ll keep this paper near your computer or in another location where you will see it frequently.

It is important to write down your goals because it helps keep you focused and on point. Read the list three times per day to impress it upon your subconscious mind. Doing so will support your subconscious mind in bringing relevant opportunities and ideas to your attention. You may update your list or make changes as necessary.

Every day, after your morning meditation and exercise, review your one year list. Then take a few minutes to envision what you desire to experience that day and write down your most important goals for the day. There should be no more than three high priority goals for any given day. These goals should inspire and motivate you.

This combined practice of keeping a one year list and a daily short list helps keep you on track for a year of highly productive days, culminating in the achievement of your most important goals for the year.

Positive expectation is the engine that keeps you focused, motivated and moving toward your chosen future. Positive expectation is activated by referring frequently to your one year list, making your daily list, taking daily action toward your goals and daily visualizing yourself at the one year point.

Once per day, envision your future self at the one year point and imagine how you will look and feel, what you will do and where you will be on that day when your goals are realized. This powerful practice lifts your spirits and predisposes you to having a sense of positive expectation about the year and your ability to accomplish these goals.

You may later realize that, in your initial enthusiasm, you took on more than you  can realistically accomplish in one year. Revising your list periodically to reflect this reassessment is wise. Even if you choose only one major goal, imagine how transformed your life will be if you accomplish that goal in the coming year. Your positive expectation of success greatly increases its likelihood.

Many successful people love to keep a record of their journey and do so through
daily journaling. After your busy day, take a few moments to jot down a few thoughts about the important moments in your day, both good and bad, how you felt about them and how you might handle things differently in the coming day. Don’t hesitate to write a prayer to your higher power if you feel the need. The main thing is, the journal is there so that you can express how you really feel. I promise that you will have many amazing healings and revelations in so doing.

Journaling before bedtime sets the stage for healing to take place in your sleep and for new ideas and energy to surface in the new day. So take time to write before you sleep and don’t forget to ask for help with what you need.

All that you are and all that constitutes your life are equally important in your self help program for success. Ignore any part of the whole at your peril. Because of the holistic nature of reality, you must take a balanced approach to living. Holistic and wholesome are inseparable concepts  in that together they constitute a modus operandi for the balanced life. So make sure that your life contains both work and play, that you properly take care of your body, home and property, that you contribute to the well being of others, that you develop your talents and enlighten your spirit. 

The fastest way to learn something at a deeper level is to teach it to others. By sharing your self help program and your personal development discoveries with others, you strengthen the part of you that is striving to grow and achieve. Whatever you focus on increases, so share your knowledge of personal growth techniques and get ready for a greater expansion.

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