Subconscious Healing

To develop the power of your subconscious mind, you must free yourself from beliefs that do not serve you. How do you know which beliefs are not working? Look at your life and note everything that you wish were different. Now understand that both these unwanted manifestations and your resistance to them are determined by your beliefs. Subconscious healing begins with clearing the beliefs that attracted the manifestations you wish to change or eliminate.

First, you need to identify the belief. Let us take an example. If you are desiring a new relationship, a true partner in life, but you’re alone and single and have been for a very long time, begin with the assumption that a negative subconscious belief about relationships is working against your conscious desire to have a good relationship.

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How do you identify that belief? The truth is, there are many beliefs that may be affecting your life. It’s best to assume that not just one belief, but an entire flotilla, dozens, perhaps even hundreds of beliefs are blocking your desired good.

It would be counterproductive to try to identify and clear each and every belief, as they are not only formed in your subconscious from birth onwards in response to events in your life, but they are also floating around in the mass consciousness, otherwise known as the collective unconscious, and affecting you subconsciously. Your solution is subconscious healing and it begins with raising your awareness of how your desires are impacted by your subconscious beliefs.

Here is what you do: Get a pen and two large pieces of paper and find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes. Draw a tree on one piece of paper. Don’t worry about how it looks, any type of tree, any level of drawing ability will work for the purposes of this exercise. Now draw branches on the tree and make 30-50 circles on the branches to represent leaves. Inside of each circle, write down one reason for why you don’t have a relationship. If you can’t think of at least 30 reasons, just pretend to have reasons. Think of reasons your friends have mentioned, or reasons of characters in movies or books.

Your goal is to write down at least 30 reasons such as ‘I’m too fat, “I’m afraid of losing my independence,” ” I’m afraid of being abandoned”, “men cause conflict,” “men are demanding,” “all the good ones are taken,” etc. Now draw one big leaf at the very top of this tree, like the star on a Christmas tree. This leaf will represent the collective unconscious. Label it “all negative beliefs about relationships since the beginning of time.”

Once you have completed your negative beliefs tree, enjoy your handiwork for a moment. Recognize the large number of negative ideas that are affecting your ability to attract the right relationship. But realize also that these are only the ones that you are conscious of. For every conscious negative, there are ten or more unconscious beliefs.

Perhaps you now realize why you don’t have this relationship. At this point, you also have the freedom to decide consciously not to have a relationship. It is always your choice. Perhaps you feel compelled to seek something that you don’t really want! It’s okay to stop seeking and just be where you’re at in your life.

But if you truly desire to have a relationship with your right partner, then you must put aside the negative beliefs tree and draw another tree, the positive beliefs tree. On the branches of this tree, fill 30-50 circles with good reasons for having a relationship. When you are done, put a big circle on top of that tree to represent the collective unconscious and write “all positive relationship beliefs since the beginning of time.”

Place the two trees side by side. Now you see clearly in front of you how you are split, how there is a duality within, one side pulling you in a negative direction, the other pulling you in a positive direction. This duality is what must be healed. Those who succeed in achieving their desires are integrated at the subconscious level. Subconscious healing occurs when you achieve this integration. Your desired good then outpictures in your reality in a natural and organic way.

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