Power of Subconscious – The Inner Genie Technique

In Power of Subconscious and the Balance Factor, I described how your thoughts trigger emotional reactions which affect your judgment, your actions and ultimately the outcome of events. We looked at how the effort to ‘think positive,’ in order to positively affect the outcome of events, can trigger an emotional backlash of suppressed negativity which eventually finds its way to the surface and outpictures as depression or as an undesired event.

The movement from feeling up to feeling down, and vice versa, is an ongoing cycle in most people’s lives. It demonstrates how thought can shift your vibrational frequency from the higher range of your bandwidth, where you automatically feel good, to the lower range, where you automatically feel bad.

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When you reach a certain point on either end of your bandwidth. you begin to move in the opposite direction. The lower you go, the higher you go, and the cycle is repeated ad infinitum. At the energetic level, what is known as bipolar disorder is simply this yo-yo effect played out on the outermost edges of your bandwidth where your energy is least stable.

I’ve been experimenting with a fun method that helps you avoid dwelling on negative ideas without triggering an emotional backlash. Envision your power of subconscious as an inner genie with the power to fulfill all of your commands. By virtue of the law of attraction – which teaches that you get what you focus on and what you focus on expands – your inner genie takes everything you say or think literally and fulfills your commands indiscriminately. 

So whenever you catch yourself visualizing, speaking, or thinking something negative or undesirable, such as, “I’m gaining weight,” imagine that your overeager genie snaps his fingers three times and cries, “So be it!” This will jolt you out of your unconscious thinking habit when you realize you have just added energy to an unwanted event.

But all you have to say is, “Cancel,” and the command is deleted. If you wish, you may then consciously replace it with the thought, “I am slim and healthy,” and imagine that the genie snaps his fingers three times and declares, “So be it!”

You’ll be surprised at how good using this simple technique makes you feel. The power of subconscious inner genie technique exposes how often your thoughts or statements unwittingly contribute to a negative outcome, and then quickly restores balance. The end result is a more cheerful mood which signifies that you are stabilizing at a higher vibration, which in turn is consistent with more desirable outcomes. Try it, you’ll like it!

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