Power of Subconscious and the Balance Factor

The mind is like a drunken monkey, lurching from thought to thought throughout your waking hours. To activate power of subconscious you must understand the importance of quieting your mind. Click here for the Power of Subconscious Centering Meditation.

Your mind automatically becomes quieter when you let go of the thought grid — your energy field of habitual thoughts and thought patterns — and focus in the present moment, in what I call vertical awareness. In this lesson, you learn step two in mastering power of subconscious, the importance of balance.

Your emotions are like the ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy. You react to your thoughts emotionally according to your conditioning and you are also conditioned to believe your thoughts. Imagine the freedom in recognizing that your thoughts don’t have to be taken seriously. That’s a completely new idea, isn’t it? You will always have thoughts, but you don’t have to believe what they are telling you; in other words, you don’t have to give your thoughts power.  

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In our culture, we’ve been taught that what we think is not only important, it is correct, and so we take our thoughts quite seriously. But the reality is that the activity of thought is like the activity of fish in a sea. If the sea is consciousness then fish are our thoughts, coming and going, continually swimming around. They don’t belong to us personally, being largely an expression of the cultural mind. Otherwise known as the collective unconscious, the cultural mind primarily contains age-old beliefs, cultural biases and superstitions.

The thoughts you have throughout the day stir up emotions that cause mood swings in a positive or negative direction. Many of us strive to stay positive, not realizing that the effort to be positive generates a build-up of negative energy. This build-up inevitably results in your mood dipping until your positive state is balanced out with a negative state. Now you know why you are unable to sustain a positive frame of mind for very long. But if you were to allow positive and negative thoughts to move through you without becoming attached to them, you could easily maintain a place of emotional balance.

Only emotional balance brings the equilibrium that enables you to access power of subconscious. Balance is a higher state of consciousness than either the negative side or the positive side. Those two opposites trigger each other endlessly; one is simply the mirror of the other. Balance is a state of mind that exists in the gap between positive and negative, light and dark. It enables you to observe the events of your everyday life without becoming overly attached to the outcome. It does not ensure the absence of ups and downs, it simply allows you to view events with a degree of objectivity. Another way of expressing the word ‘balance’ is objective consciousness or non-attachment.

How do you achieve non-attachment in the face of your strong wishes, wants, needs and desires? You achieve it by knowing the truth about how you really manifest. When you understand that manifesting is your higher self’s job and that your job is to stay present and follow your motivation and inspiration, you will get busy fulfilling your role.

A higher order of existence opens up when you are present in the moment and emotionally balanced. Power of subconscious then provides you with the ideas, the energy and the inspiration to pursue certain activities and relationships. When you take note of and follow this inner guidance, your desires are fulfilled in unexpected ways.

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