Money Power in 4 Easy Steps

money power Imagine if your subconscious mind could ratchet up your money power to manifest oodles of cash. How much easier would life be if you didn’t have to worry about paying your bills and you could buy whatever you want? There would be no limits to the improvement of your quality of life, no financial barriers to achieving whatever goals you wish to accomplish.

I’m here to tell you that by combining the power of subconscious with a little elbow grease, you can learn how to attract money and live the life of your dreams. But first, you must consciously release the idea that there is anything unsavory about money. When you understand that negative feelings or beliefs about money reduce your money power,  you will begin to be careful about your inner relationship with money.

Think of money as a friend that wishes to serve you by helping you fulfill your dreams and goals and not as the ‘root of all evil’ you may have learned about in Sunday School. Understand that money functions as an impersonal energy source which permeates the cosmos awaiting your command. But before you can use this energy, you must master four key principles.

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First, Have the Courage to Choose

It’s true, money power begins with having the courage to specifically choose how much money you want, how and when you want it to arrive and how you want to feel about it. Why does that take courage? Because every time you choose something, you say no to something else.

Not only do you eliminate other options when you choose, you voyage into the unknown. No matter how carefully you make your decision, it is impossible to know in advance if you made the right choice. 

Choosing requires courage because you must ignore uncertainty. You must make your best decision as to what you want and close your eyes to everything else. The good news is, if you don’t like what you get, you can simply choose again! So begin by choosing your financial goal wisely and be sure to write it down.

Second, Appreciate Money

Money power
runs on appreciation and desire. Your money power builds the more you appreciate money and the more you desire to acquire it because you love and appreciate the wonderful things and experiences money can buy. 

To build your money power, start to notice how money permeates everything. It is at the very core of our manifest world. For example, when you enjoy a painting in a friend’s home, notice that money was once exchanged for paint, for brushes, for brush cleaner, for the canvas, for the easel, for the artist’s training, for the purchase of the painting  from the artist, and even for the construction and purchase of the home containing the wall on which it hangs. Recognize that without money permeating every step in the process, there would be no painting for you to appreciate in your friend’s home.

In our world, money is a means of exchange for labor and goods. When you genuinely appreciate money and all that it creates, you strengthen the money power current in your own life. 

Third, Visualize Your Goal

Keep yourself excited about your financial goal by visualizing daily that your financial goal has materialized. The day has come, your goal has arrived. Now see in your mind’s eye what you do, notice how you feel, how others react to you. Make it as joyful a scenario as you possibly can. And then amp it up further. Exaggerate the scene. Make it even more amazing, wonderful and thrilling. This stimulates your subconscious mind and helps keep your motivation high for what follows in step four.

Fourth, Tune in and Take Action

When you choose a specific goal and visualize it daily, stay friendly in your thoughts and words about money, and appreciate money’s all-pervasive presence everywhere in your life, you will start to receive help from your subconscious mind. This help shows up in the form of ideas and opportunities.

All new ideas and opportunities that appear after you’ve begun to appreciate money and visualize your goal, must be treated with respect. They may be signs from your subconscious pointing you to the path of fulfillment of your financial goal. Therefore, write down new ideas and explore their feasibility. Follow up on new opportunities to see if they’re a good fit. 

Your money power builds the more you practice the principles of appreciating money, recognizing its presence everywhere, choosing and visualizing your financial goals and taking action on your ideas and opportunities. So build your money power, take consistent action in the physical world, and you will reach your goal. Good luck!

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