How to Manifest Desires in 4 Easy Steps, Pt. 2

manifest desires In How to Manifest Desires in 4 Easy Steps, Pt 1, we explored why it has been difficult to manifest desires: successful manifesting requires feeling as if you already have your desired object or goal when you don’t actually have it. Because your subconscious mind outpictures your true feelings and beliefs, not surface thoughts, wishes and affirmations, you must achieve a deeply felt consciousness of having the desired goal or else you will create more lack. 

In Part 2 we explore the solution to this conundrum by approaching manifesting from a different direction. We reveal  the little-known energetic position and mental position required to manifest desires and then we present the 4 easy steps to manifesting. 

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Few people know that manifesting occurs on the energy of inflow and that the inflow energetic is triggered by the vibration of happiness – feelings of joy, peace and love. When you sustain a state of happiness, your magnetic inflow is activated and you receive everything you deeply desire in a natural, organic way. But what do you do if, like most people, you are unable to sustain a state of happiness?

If you know how to consciously create the energetic of magnetic inflow while adopting a mental position of receptivity, you can manifest your desires in 4 easy steps. Inflow + receptivity = manifest desires. Stick with us and we’ll show you how.

Prepare to Manifest Desires

We have already learned that feeling good triggers the energetic of magnetic inflow. Next we will explore how to trigger the mental position of receptivity. This technique involves a specific application of the word, the inner eye, and the breath — what I call the WIB technique. But first, before engaging WIB you must position yourself within the energetic of inflow. You must imagine you are magnetically pulling towards you and into your very being the desired goal. This magnetic inflow energy is required to manifest desires. Do not use this energetic to remove something from your life. We will discuss elimination at another time.

Practice Magnetic Inflow

Take a moment to practice visualizing a magnetic energy field flowing towards and into the center of your chest, the heart chakra. Feel as if you are mentally pulling that magnetic flow towards you.

What is The Word?

The word refers to language and thought. Before you begin to manifest desires, you must decide what you want and use words to express it. Choose one thing and write it down in a short sentence. Write it in the present tense as if it were already so, but be specific. If your goal is financial avoid generalities like, ”I am rich.” Instead, decide how much money you want and state, ”I have a monthly net income of $20,000″ or “I receive a windfall of $100,000″ or “I sell my invention for six figures or more.” Read the paragraph entitled, “First, Have the Courage to Choose,” in my article, Money Power in 4 Easy Steps, on the importance of being specific in order to manifest desires.

Do not begin the WIB exercise until you have a specific goal that excites you but isn’t so far out of reach that it seems utterly impossible. Don’t forget to write the goal down in one sentence — keep it short and to the point.

What is The Inner Eye?

The inner eye refers to the sixth chakra or third eye which is located just above and between the eyebrows. This is the location of your cosmic vision, which is the spiritual or subconscious correlate to your physical outer vision. Accessing your cosmic vision enables you to manifest desires. You are going to create an image in your inner eye of yourself having the thing you desire. Decide now what that image will be. Make it a lively and colorful snapshot and always include yourself in the picture.

If your goal is to own a blue Jaguar S-Type, then you might imagine the car parked in your driveway; you are unlocking the door and getting into the driver’s seat with a big smile on your face. Think carefully about the image you’re creating and make sure it is sending the right message to your subconscious mind.

What is The Breath?

The breath is simply the physical act of breathing the magnetic inflow energy into your heart and driving it up to the Inner Eye. Breathe in slowly through the nose and breathe out through a slightly open mouth. Take a moment to practice inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

The WIB Exercise

Once you have written down your goal and selected your image, you are ready to do the exercise. Here’s how it works; one repetition takes just a minute to do.

Step One: Close your eyes, imagine a powerful magnetic field of energy flowing toward your whole body. Feel yourself pulling it toward you. Try to sense the pull, which is the signal that your magnetic inflow has been activated.

Step Two: As you slowly (to the count of 8) breathe this magnetic inflow energy into your heart, mentally state the words in the statement you wrote and imagine the words being pulled by your breath up from your heart into your third eye. You may envision the words literally disappearing one by one into your inner eye as you think them.

Step Three: Hold your breath for as long as is comfortable and, focusing on your inner eye, see the snapshot image of you having what you desire.

Step Four: Release your breath and on the outbreath, let go of everything, including your desire, the image, the words, any sense of effort… let go of everything, and relax.

Repeat this exercise three times in a row. Three repetitions equals one round.

Doing this exercise should scarcely take any longer than taking three deep breaths. It gets faster and easier with each repetition. Do one round (three repetitions) of this exercise as often as you wish, but at a minimum twice per day — morning and night. It is also wise to do this exercise when you are feeling discouraged or down.

Please note, the WIB exercise should only be used to manifest desires — meaning, it should only be used to bring something into your life that is not currently there — and is not suitable for removing or eliminating unwanted things or conditions.

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