4 Tips for Losing Weight Through Your Power of Subconscious

Zero Resistance Weight Release SolutionCan your power of subconscious really help you lose weight? The answer is yes – your subconscious mind is, in fact, your most powerful resource for easy, permanent weight loss. In this article, I will provide 4 essential tips for achieving your goal of a slender body through your power of subconscious without having to starve yourself, exercise till you’re numb, take risky pills or undergo surgery.  

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Let’s begin with looking at where you are right now. It’s that time of year again when you are regretting your holiday excesses and wishing you weighed less going into the new year.

Since you’ve been here before, you have probably tried many diets. Each January, you bravely forged ahead to lose weight only to renege on your new year’s resolution weeks or months later. You may have even heard that your power of subconscious can help you lose weight by ‘thinking thin.’ So you tried visualizing yourself at your ideal weight, or meditated on pictures of yourself at a lower weight or recited positive affirmations about your weight, but without any noticeable results.

Even if you succeeded in losing weight, you are probably one of the 95% who regained all the weight they lost and more within twelve months. How frustrating is that? Meanwhile, everywhere you look – on television, in magazines, on the internet – is yet another compelling sales pitch for a new diet product or diet program, some new twist or turn that promises you the slim, fit body that always seems beyond your reach. You may keep trying these expensive and/or questionable solutions to help relieve your frustration, but secretly, you fear that you will have to live forever with the embarrassment of an overweight body.

Does this describe your situation? Well, there’s one more thing to add. Even though your excess weight might imply a lack of willpower to others, it is well known that the self control most diet and exercise programs entail actually proves that you have more willpower than the average person. In fact, willpower has nothing to do with it. There is another reason that you are carrying an excess of body fat. Let us understand the dynamic going on within different parts of your own mind that is causing you to create an overweight body and recreate it again and again even after you have applied willpower and effort to losing weight.

Tip 1 – Don’t lose weight. Release it!

First let us look at the idea of ‘losing weight.’ The subconscious mind is entirely literal. This is why affirmations or desires need to be phrased carefully. When you set a goal to lose weight, your power of subconscious is interpreting that to mean you have lost something. It then sets about to help you find it! Hence, your own subconscious mind has locked you into a cycle of weight loss and weight found just because of the way in which you are thinking about your problem. You will be far more successful in reducing weight if you drop the phrase ‘lose weight’ and replace it with ‘release weight.’ Yes, your mind is that literal and it does matter…a lot.

Tip 2 - Bring your whole mind into agreement

If you are not achieving your goal of a slender, fit body despite your best efforts, it indicates that your conscious mind and your power of subconscious are not in alignment. The conscious and subconscious parts of your mind must be in agreement for any goal to be realized. Where there is non-alignment between these parts of mind, you will not get your result. Therefore, finding a way to bring your conscious mind and subconscious into alignment becomes the critical factor in succeeding with your weight release goal. Begin by asking yourself why a part of you feels threatened by having a slender body.

Tip 3 - Understand unconscious resistance

Your subconscious mind is the repository of your emotions, memories and beliefs. In its mission to protect you from perceived threats, real or otherwise, your subconscious tends to avoid change. Therefore, it may have its own reasons for opposing an order given by your conscious mind. When there is subconscious opposition to a conscious directive, your power of subconscious creates resistance to that directive. If you are trying to release weight, this unconscious resistance may be physically expressed by food cravings, emotional eating, slow metabolism, etc. Know this – when your power of subconscious creates resistance to your conscious mind’s directive, your goal cannot and will not be achieved.

Tip 4 – Practice the weight release solution

So what is the solution? You must discover the root cause of your resistance to having a slender body and thereby bring your conscious mind and subconscious mind into alignment. When the two parts of mind are in agreement, nothing can stop your weight release goal from manifesting or take your slender body away from you. In other words, you will release weight easily and keep it off permanently. The question is, how do you align these two parts of your mind most quickly and effectively? Enter the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution!

To summarize, after many years of researching and experimenting with diets and weight loss methods, the quickest, easiest and best way I’ve found to release weight problems once and for all is to bring your conflicting parts of mind together by eliminating your unconscious resistance to releasing weight. This technique has been perfected in the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution created by Dr. Robert Anthony.

Dr. Anthony is a licensed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist as well as a world-renowned motivational trainer and book author. His Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution includes MP3 audios which you can download immediately. After listening to the initial audios that address core issues, the technique requires listening for only ten minutes per day twice a day to a follow-up audio that locks in the desired results. This audio is designed to end subconscious resistance and align your conscious mind with your power of subconscious to achieve your weight release goal with ease and speed.

Imagine no more strenous diets, pills or tedious exercise; no more deprivation and willpower needed to achieve your weight loss goal only to regain every pound and more. I highly recommend the Zero Resistance Weight Release Solution because it addresses the root emotional causes of weight gain and excess body weight. In my experience, it is truly the easy and elegant way to permanently resolve your weight problem.  

Dr. Anthony is so confident in his method that he gives you 60 days to test his system or get a full, no questions asked refund. Give it a try, I think you will be astounded at how effective this technique is in harnessing your power of subconscious to release weight effortlessly!

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