Miracle Power — Do You Need a Miracle?

Your heart pounds with fear, or perhaps it aches with pain. Your stomach churns and your face feels frozen in a mask of worry. Something has happened in your life that triggers a sense of crisis. You are stressed to the max and feel overwhelmed beyond your capacity to cope. You need a miracle! If only there were a miracle power that could help you.

Your mind races, desperate to find a way to end the pain. But exhausted and overcome by the fog of confusion, you finally begin to slow down. You take a deep breath and become aware of your presence in the room, as if you are a witness of your own body, a witness of your own breathing.

Suddenly quiet, you sense a vast Presence surrounding you, and you realize – the Presence is never far away, never outside of you. It is everywhere always, all the time. It is the thing that hurt you, It is the hurt itself, It is the you that hurts. It is the air you breathe, It is the thoughts you think. It lives as everything, It lives as nothing.

It is the All That Is, and It is you.

Knowing you are not separate from the Presence, your Source, knowing that Source circulates in, as and through you, knowing that Source circulates in, as and through your terrible problem, you feel differently all of a sudden. Energy surges up your spine. Your forehead tingles. Your whole body subtly vibrates. That is your Source presence, It is there, It is you.Ask It now, ask your own Source presence, the true you of you, “Give me the solution to (state your problem.) Show me what I need to know, have or do in this situation, show me how I need to be. Give me the answer now.”

Ask this question of your Source, your own greater Self, the real you, and then wait. Let silence fill the space between the thoughts that may still be coursing through your head. Let the thoughts drift into a black hole of nothingness. Listen for an answer. The answer may come in words, like your own inner voice speaking to you. It may come in images where you see the solution taking place in your mind’s eye. Or it may come as a feeling. Note the thoughts, images and feelings on paper. This is your miracle power in action.

If you don’t receive a message in the silence, but find your thoughts still racing or sleepiness engulfing you, just let it go. You have asked the question and now you can expect the answer to arrive in its own time. Completely let go of the need to solve the problem. You have done your part and now Source will do its part. Within the next one to three days, something will come to your attention that triggers or suggests your solution. Or perhaps something will occur in the outer world such that the solution appears right before your eyes. You will have your deliverance and when you do, acknowledge your miracle power to yourself, “I tuned in to Source, I recognized that I am Source and Source is All That Is. I asked this greater part of me my question, and Source, which can never be anything but me and All That Is, gave me the answer.“

You have asked, you have listened and received. Now the final step is action. The solution must be wholesome and constructive or it does not come from Source. With your wholesome and constructive solution in hand, take action, confident that it is right action.Your miracle power was within your own inner self all along. This miracle power is your power for making miracles. There is no order of difficulty in miracles, no problem too small or too great for this power. Use your miracle power wisely.

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