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Miracle Power — Do You Need a Miracle?

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Your heart pounds with fear, or perhaps it aches with pain. Your stomach churns and your face feels frozen in a mask of worry. Something has happened in your life that triggers a sense of crisis. You are stressed to the max and feel overwhelmed beyond your capacity to cope. You need a miracle! If only there were a miracle power that could help you. (more…)

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Introduction to Power of Subconscious

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Mastering power of subconscious begins with learning how to center yourself. We will begin with a short history of the subconscious within the field of psychology, then I will guide you through the Power of Subconscious Centering Meditation.

In traditional psychology, the subconscious, also known as the unconscious, is believed to be a mental storage site — a repository of memories, emotions, habits and associations. These stored elements form beliefs that operate outside of your awareness, determining who you are, how you act and what your life looks like. To gain control of the undesirable aspects of your life, you must become aware of the elements that are stored in your subconscious and the beliefs they have engendered. (more…)

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